Digital Smith

Digital Smith

Digital Smith provides online access to over 8,000 digital objects created by the staff of the James B. Duke Memorial Library. Objects include photographs, manuscripts, letters, notes, and audio from many of the collections housed in the Inez Moore Parker Archives and also our student’s senior papers. Please click the link below to check out the collection! We also have specific collections featured on this page.

If you have any questions about the collections please contact Brandon Lunsford at (704) 371-6741.

Senior Papers

The Senior Papers are a graduation requirement for students here at Johnson C. Smith University. . Students must complete a senior research paper in their specific discipline. As part of completing this assignment, the student agrees to make their paper available to future JCSU students for study. The Inez Moore Parker Archives preserves paper copies of all senior papers that are given to the library by various departments, and these are made available online via the Digital Smith web platform from 1993 to the current year.”

JCSU Publications

The JCSU Publications collection spans from the early 1900s to the mid 1980s. Publications include the Argus, Biddle Outlook, Johnson C. Smith University Bulletin, University Student News, and the JCSU Newsletter.

The President H. L. McCrorey Collection

The President H. L. McCrorey Collection contains correspondence, photographs, personal notes, and other ephemera surrounding the life and family of Dr. McCrorey. Highlights include speeches and prayers made by Dr. McCrorey, personal letters from his daughters Novella McCrorey Flannagan and Muriel McCrorey, and dedications of the McCrorey Theological Seminary and McCrorey YMCA in Charlotte, NC.

The Audio Collection

The Audio Collection consists of digitized recordings of events that occurred on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University during the late 1930s and into the mid 1940s. Highlights include recordings by the Biddle Quintet, President H. L. McCrorey’s appearance on the radio program “Wings Over Jordan,” the funeral service of Mrs. McCrorey, and an interview with football players before a game against Virginia Tech University in 1940. This project was enabled by a digitization grant from NCECHO.

The Board of Trustees Collection

The Board of Trustees Collection currently consists of information regarding board member James Egert Allen. Highlights include his work with the YMCA, letters regarding alumni events at the university, and his memoir that recounts his time spent at Johnson C. Smith University.

JCSU History Collection

The History of Johnson C. Smith University Collection is made up of original letters, speeches, pamphlets, news articles, books, and other documents related to the founding of Johnson C. Smith University. It includes information on the founders and historic properties on and around campus.

The Photograph Collection

The Photograph Collection consists of over 1700 photographs portraying life at JCSU from its early days as Biddle University through the 1990s. Highlights include athletics, campus buildings, student activities, and former school presidents.

The Presbyterian Collection

The Presbyterian Collection provides information regarding the connection between Johnson C. Smith University and regional Presbyterian Churches. It includes church bulletins, correspondence, church histories, and information regarding the Synod of Catawba.

The A. O. & Dorothy Steele Collection

The A. O. & Dorothy Steele Collection is replete with photographs, correspondence, monographs, personal notes, and other ephemera illustrating middle class African Americans in the Fletcher and Steele families from the late 1800s until the mid 1990s.

The Theological Seminary Collection

The Theological Seminary Collection consists of JCSU Theological Seminary newsletters, annual reports and administrative correspondence from the early 1900s to the seminary’s move to Atlanta in 1969.

Senior Papers

Another component of Information Literacy here at Johnson C. Smith University are the Undergraduate Senior Papers. Senior Papers are housed virtually via the ContentDM system as well as physically within the Black Heritage Room. Below you will find a link for accessing the senior papers that are currently within the system. If you have trouble accessing or finding a paper please contact Amber Glenn-Thomas at athomas@jcsu.edu.

Access to the digital materials from the Inez Moore Parker Archives has been created for educational, research and personal use as described by the Fair Use Doctrine in the U.S. Copyright law. To secure permission for any other uses, please contact the University Archivist Brandon Lunsford.