James B. Duke Memorial Library Information Literacy and Learning (JILL)

What is JILL? 

The James B. Duke Memorial Library Information Literacy and Learning service (JILL) provides the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to receive instruction in accessing educational resources in print and electronically.

JILL is the library flagship program in helping students select the right resources, evaluate resources, and use resources effectively. JILL program goal is to train students to make the appropriate information choices to facilitate their learning, and to successfully complete their assignments. JILL’s overall goal is to foster lifelong information literacy learners beyond the classroom and into the workforce.

JILL Services

The library offers many formats of instruction to reach our diverse population of student learning styles which includes; classroom instruction, one-on-one consultation, tours on how to locate library resources, research guides, video modules. Below you will find links to the module videos.

Click Here To Request JILL Instruction                      Click Here For Module Videos

Senior Papers

Another component of Information Literacy here at Johnson C. Smith University are the Undergraduate Senior Papers. Senior Papers
are housed virtually via the ContentDM system as well as physically within the Black Heritage Room. Below you will find a link for accessing the senior papers that are currently within the system. If you have trouble accessing or finding a paper please contact Amber Glenn-Thomas at athomas@jcsu.edu.

Senior Papers