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Lynn Houser

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Lynn Houser

Evening Library Supervisor

Lynn Houser serves as JCSU’s Evening Library Supervisor. She is responsible for managing the circulation activities in the evenings and on weekends which includes customer services, library policies/procedures and acquisitions assistance. Prior to this appointment, Houser found great satisfaction as a human services worker, help ministry, media assistant and teacher. Houser holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Journalism/Electronic Media and a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, and has received awards for scholastic achievement, resourcefulness and character. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is an instructor and an advisor at More than Conquerors College.

“ I look forward to supporting the University’s mission and hope to help the students continue making a difference in the lives of others,” Houser said.

Contact Information
Email: lhouser@jcsu.edu
Phone: (704) 371-6737
Office Location: James B. Duke 101CP