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Read, read, read a book Travel anywhere Worldwide, you decide A book will take you there.   Read, read, read a book Beginning to the end What a way to spend the day A book’s a special friend! (Source unknown)   The staff of the James B. Duke Memorial Library invites you to visit the library. Come on in and take a moment to relax and read a book. Books can: Be thought provoking Paint a vivid picture Make you feel emotions Draw you into unfamiliar

The James B. Duke Memorial Library is pleased to announce funding in the amount of $33,609.00 from the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) to fund a new Library Entrepreneurial Research Hub. The 2017-2018 Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants total over $2.3 million, and include 39 awards for local library projects that advance literacy and lifelong learning, expand access to library resources and expertise, promote partnerships and collaboration, and digitize materials important to the

Dr. James B. Ewers, Jr., youth advocate, consultant, author and President Emeritus of the Teen Mentoring Committee (TMC) of Ohio and alumni of Johnson C. Smith University donated 23 photographs of prominent African American leaders. The photographs will be digitized, preserved, and added to the archives and Digital Smith Collection.