Director of Library Services Presented at the HBCU Academic Librarians Open Educational Resources (OER) Summit

Monika Rhue, Director of Library Services and Curation at Johnson C. Smith University presented at the HBCU Academic Librarians Open Educational Resources (OER) Summit on February 10, 2020. Her topic was, “The Role of the Library and Librarians in supporting OER Initiatives on Campus: Unique Perspectives for HBCUs.”

Highlights from her presentation included:

JCSU Library Site Redesign
  • The cost of college textbooks- Textbooks has increased by 1,000% since the late 1970s.
  • The average undergraduate in America spend about $1,200 per year on books and supplies.
  • HBCUs library invest in resources that can help remix, copy, and share materials in creative and innovative ways. Imagine using resources from your archives, online databases, and implementing an augmented reality experience in which students are engaged in training that directly connects them to what they are learning.
  • Librarians can partner with Faculty to help redesign their courses using library resources, using Open Educational Resources and Archival Materials.

Dr. John Bannister, the University’s Instructional Designer also attended the summit. Dr. Bannister is passionate about the potential of OERs at JCSU. Dr. Bannister, Dr. Tekla Johnson and Mrs. Rhue are working together to develop a program at JCSU.

To view Mrs. Rhue’s presentation click here

To learn more about OERs visit the library’s OER LibGuide page.

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