Tech Tuesday: Apple TV Faculty Training

 Learn how to use Apple TV in the classrooms. With the Apple TV, instructors can create a wire-free model learning environment that can enhance student learning by improving flexibility, encouraging student participation and increasing teacher engagement. This workshop will be facilitated by our distinguished Multimedia & Classroom Support Coordinator. Get the training you need to…

GarageBand Part 2

GarageBand makes it easy to learn, play, record, create and share your music or podcast no matter where you are. Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that allows users to narrate a story over an array of digital images. Record, edit, mix and change your voice with popular voice recording software options. Come learn…

Student Research Resource Mash-up

The student research resource mash-up provides an opportunity for students to interact with support staff at JCSU’s James. B Duke Library and learn more about free resources to help with their research.  Students will be given a first-hand demonstration of the library’s new 3-D printing tools, get information on how to access Lynda, an online…

Raspberry Pi Workshop

Raspberry Pi is a small programming device that allows people to interact with the outside world. It is capable of creating digital projects, from music machines and parent detectors to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras. Come learn how to operate one of these unique devices! There will be snacks provided! RSVP HERE!

2nd Annual Mini Makerspace Conference @James B. Duke Memorial Library

The James B. Duke Memorial Library at Johnson C. Smith University in collaboration with Discovery Place Education Studio is hosting a full-day maker event that will provide expert makers and hackers as well as hands-on breakout sessions. 3D Printers and CNC devices will be on hand to demonstrate their processes, as well as previously cut…

West End Public Art Workshop & Community Engagement Meeting

All residents and interested persons are invited to come and share your stories and photos that capture your special relationship to the West End community. This will help shape the final design for the public artworks commissioned for the Five Points Plaza and West Trade Street Enhancement project.

Maker Monday: T-Shirt Printing/Pressing

Bring your own shirt. The workshop will be in the makerspace area on the first floor of the library. For more information contact Dr. Chantell McDowell at: OR 704-378-1033

Tech Tuesday: GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

This workshop will be held in the Innovation Lab (Room 332) of the New Science Center. Come learn to use GIMP to edit and retouch images, free-form drawing, and converting to different image format.

Maker Monday: Digital Photography

The workshop will take place in the makerspace area of the  library on the 1st floor. See flyer for contact information.

Mug Pressing Workshop

*Mugs will be provided Come learn to do this on your own and get a personalized mug. Workshop will takes place in the library on the 1st floor, in the makerspace area.

Inkscape Workshop

This workshop will be held in the Innovation Lab (Room 332) of the New Science Center.