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The James B. Duke Memorial Library has teamed up with MasterMind Podcast to reintroduce reading to the black community. Reading is the foundation of our learning experiences, and as the evolution of technology continues to push us into an age of “browsing” not “reading” the partnership hopes to reinforce that focused reading should be about studying a book or article from beginning to end.

HBCUWeRead is designed to bring students, faculty, and staff at Historically Black Colleges and Universities to come together to discuss a book. The vision of Monika Rhue, Director of Library Services and Curation for Johnson C. Smith University, is for HBCUWeRead to promote reading outside the classroom on HBCU campuses. Collectively, these HBCUs will choose a book to read and discuss annually during National Library Week in collaboration with MasterMind Podcast. The niche for HBCUWeRead is to select and read books on Africana and African American history and positive books written about black people across all genres, with a special focus on economic and social justice topics of interest.

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About MasterMind Podcast

A podcast featuring popular and under the radar books to help you level up in life and real stories from individuals who cracked the code to success.

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Malia BrownMalia Brown
Malia Brown is an entrepreneur, from Los Angeles, CA. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism and Political Science, and also of NYU’s “Publishing” program. She is the founder and CEO of UrbanSocial TV, which is a digital media company that connects, empowers, and informs our generation on ways in which they can reach success in life. She is a believer, speaker, motivator, and screenwriter! Stay tuned for what she has in store!
Chris Ruffin Jr.Chris Ruffin Jr.
Chris “Ceasar” Ruffin Jr. is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He’s a graduate of Stillman College, which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ceasar moved to North Carolina in 2017 to pursue his dreams of being a news producer for an NBC affiliate news station. He re-located to Charlotte from Winston-Salem in January 2019, and is a producer at WBTV news.

JCSU Library and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

The HBCUWeRead initiative started on March 5, 2019 on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. The first HBCUWeRead book was The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. The book, The Hate U Give was a part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Community Read book club. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library community-wide reading program is what inspired Mrs. Rhue to launch the HBCUWeRead initiative.

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HBCUWeRead Vision

Mrs. Rhue’s goal is for the HBCUWeRead program to grow nationally and spark discussions which can be shared using telepresence and videoconferencing. Coming Soon!

Be a part of the HBCUWeRead initiative! We will read our next book between August 15, 2019 and September 15, 2019. Book selections will be shared on the 15th of each month. Start reading Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson today!

Be a part of the HBCUWeRead movement. Sign-up your Historically Black College and University today. It is simple.

Just pledge to:

Choose a campus coordinator. This person will be a part of the committee to help select books to read.

Select a book to read campus-wide.

Share your book on JCSU library’s, HBCUWeRead page. Contact Keisha Parris at kparris@jcsu.edu

Promote your discussions and comments on MasterMind podcast.

Be a part of the Annual HBCUWeRead during National Library Week. National Library Week is observed by libraries of all type across the United States each April. The observance typically take place for a full week the second week in April. We will celebrate our first annual HBCUWeRead April 2020. Stay tuned for more details.