Highlights from JCSU Collegiate Storytelling Association Open House

JCSU Collegiate Storytelling Association is the first of its kind on a college campus. We are calling all poets, spoken word artists, story lovers, storytellers, and authors to join us. If you are interested in being a member contact Monika Rhue, Director of Library Services and Curation at JCSU at mrhue@jcsu.edu
Kalebet Güncel Giriş

Enjoy these highlights from JCSU Collegiate Storytelling Association open house that was held on February 2, 2019. Students, faculty, staff and the Charlotte community had the opportunity to listen to stories from members of the North Carolina Association of Black Storytellers. JCSU is an affiliate of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc.
Kalebet Giriş

See highlights here!


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