Library Entrepreneurial Research Hub

The James B. Duke Memorial Library is pleased to announce funding in the amount of $33,609.00 from the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) to fund a new Library Entrepreneurial Research Hub. The 2017-2018 Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants total over $2.3 million, and include 39 awards for local library projects that advance literacy and lifelong learning, expand access to library resources and expertise, promote partnerships and collaboration, and digitize materials important to the cultural heritage of North Carolina.

The Library Entrepreneurial Research Hub (LERH) will give all JCSU students access to learning basic and advanced information literacy business research skills. Campus entrepreneurship is growing rapidly among millennial college students and we want JCSU students to benefit from that growth. Students, faculty, and staff, will have access to the following:

  • Entrepreneurial research workshops.
  • Electronic public library resources through our grant partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.
  • Research guides for business and entrepreneurial research.
  • Current entrepreneurial books and resources.
  • Community business research workshops.
  • A designated 527 sq ft space on the first floor of the library with 5 new computers, presentation TV screen, and whiteboards for collaboration.

The Library Entrepreneurial Research Hub project is managed by librarian Rosalind Moore, with collaboration from Dr. Lucinda Blue, Professor Sherese Duncan and project partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Below is a list of our upcoming entrepreneur research workshops.

Business Research 101 for Entrepreneurs Date: November 14th 2017 Sign up Here

Develop insights on navigating the research process from idea generation to commercialization.

How to Research Online: Take Your Entrepreneurial Research to the Internet! Spring 2018 TBA

Learn how to conduct basic social media research as well as access accurate and high quality internet resources to build and expand your market and resources.

From Entrepreneurial Research to Market Practice Spring 2018 TBA

Learn how to identify specialized resources, mentorships, and opportunities to connect your entrepreneurial ideas to key stakeholders with valuable resources that focus on accelerating commercial benefits of your innovations.

Customer Discovery Research Lab Spring 2018 TBA:

Learn how to rapidly take your research, develop your idea into a prototype, and test your idea by gathering massive amounts of customer and marketplace feedback.

Please contact Rosalind Moore at with any questions about the LERH project.

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