Mission Statement

James B. Duke Memorial Library

The mission of the James B. Duke Memorial Library is to support Johnson C. Smith University's community with diverse resources, fostering academic excellence and empowering individuals to succeed in their scholarly and professional endeavors. JCSU: Where brilliance thrives  (Revised February 15, 2024)

Library Goals

  1. Implement and integrate cutting-edge library management software to enhance the efficiency of programs, services, and facilities.
  2. Develop and offer specialized instructional services focusing on information literacy skills tailored for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  3. Expand public/reference services to cater to diverse information and research needs, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Strengthen educational resources and resource-sharing services to support the entirety of the university's curriculum and instructional offerings.
  5. Strategize and implement budgetary measures ensuring cost-effective management practices for long-term financial sustainability.
  6. Upgrade and maintain information technology infrastructure to seamlessly support the university's diverse programs and services.
  7. Foster a cohesive work environment by continually improving workplace quality and ensuring physical security within the library facility.
  8. Cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with external organizations and stakeholders to facilitate educational, cultural, and professional development initiatives.
JCSU Library Site Redesign