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JCSU Library Site Redesign

Through the Library Entrepreneur Research Hub (LERH) grant partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library all JCSU students have access to free online tutoring that may be accessed using their e-library card.

Through the Library’s website, students have access to 10 sessions per week with‘s network of over 3,100 professional academic and career tutors who are ready to help with just about any question you may have. Help is available in both English and Spanish for college students and adult learners.


Services Offered by Includes:

  • Academic tutoring
  • A real-time writing center
  • Test preparation
  • Practice quizzes
  • 24/7 access to worksheets, videos and tutorials in over 40 subjects
  • Resume and cover letter templates
  • Job search tools
  • Local job listings


JCSU students can access’s services by using their e-library card access account. See below:

Account Number: jcs+Student ID number
i.e. (jcs123456)

PIN: the last four digits of your student ID number
i.e. (3456)