Read a Book Today

Read, read, read a book
Travel anywhere
Worldwide, you decide
A book will take you there.

Read, read, read a book
Beginning to the end
What a way to spend the day
A book’s a special friend!
(Source unknown)

The staff of the James B. Duke Memorial Library invites you to visit the library. Come on in and take a moment to relax and read a book. Books can:

  • Be thought provoking
  • Paint a vivid picture
  • Make you feel emotions
  • Draw you into unfamiliar territory
  • Introduce interests
  • Speak to your heart and intellect
  • Be informative, persuasive, and entertaining
  • Cultivate and develop skills

Life can be gloomy sometimes and a book can bring light to dark places.

Learn about the African American culture and experience as well as the history of JCSU by reading a book from the Black Heritage Room in our Archives, located on the second floor of the library. These precious books were preserved especially for you to read.

The library provides educational resources in support of all curriculum and instruction offered by the University and strives to provide materials that are up-to-date and are good resources for all academic needs.  Some of these resources are located in our General Collection on the second floor of the library and students may borrow up to thirty of these fantastic books for a period of thirty days.

The James B. Duke Memorial Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to shelve and organize our books. It is based on ten main subject areas from 000-999.  Knowing these main subject areas may help you in exploring what is available:

  • 000 Computers, Information, and General Reference
  • 100 Philosophy and Psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social Sciences
  • 400 Language
  • 500 Natural Science and Math
  • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
  • 700 Arts and Recreation
  • 800 Literature
  • 900 Geography and History

Reference books and periodicals (magazines and journals) are non-circulating materials located on the first floor. Enjoy your reading within the library, in one of our comfortable lounge areas.

Looking for a good novel to read?  Check out our fiction books.  Feel free to browse and discover our mysteries, thrillers and romance books on the first floor.

The James B. Duke Memorial Library has something for everyone. “We are more than a library, we are an experience!”

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