Reshika Barfield

Reshika Barfield

Digital Initiative & Resources Librarian

James B. Duke Memorial Library
Phone: 704-378-1070


Biographical Info

Reshika R. Barfield, the Digital Initiatives and Resources Librarian earned her Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with a Minor in English from Winston Salem State University. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from North Carolina Central University.

In her capacity as the Digital Initiatives and Resources Librarian, Reshika is at the forefront of advocating for funding and spearheading comprehensive training initiatives. Her efforts not only promote digital projects and library technology but also ensure the robust protection and security of library resources and initiatives.

Reshika serves as a vital liaison between the library and faculty/staff, facilitating seamless outreach efforts and fostering collaborative partnerships. Through her proactive engagement, she enhances accessibility to digital resources and advances the library's mission of knowledge dissemination and scholarly support.