Scavenger Hunt

Purpose and Objectives

The James B. Duke Memorial Library uses technology to create an interactive introduction to the library. The scavenger hunt is designed to introduce students to the library’s spaces and resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be familiar with where items are physically located in the library
  • Understand how to access both print and electronic resources
  • Understand how to locate items in the library using the library catalog
  • Understand how to perform searches within the library databases
  • Be familiar with the services and resources that are available
  • Understand basic rules and policies of the library

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Standards Alignment:

3.2 Library personnel collaborate with faculty to embed information literacy learning outcomes into curricula, courses, and assignments.
3.3 Library personnel model best pedagogical practices for classroom teaching, online tutorial design, and other educational practices.
3.4 Library personnel provide appropriate and timely instruction in a variety of contexts and employ multiple learning platforms and pedagogies.

ACRL Framework:

Information Has Value
Searching as Strategic Exploration

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Research Skills Development (RSD) Framework:

Embark & Clarify
Find and Generate

Students use their iPads/tablets/phones to complete tasks, such as:

Embark & Clarify
Find and Generate

About the Scavenger Hunt

  • Students are divided into teams.
  • Each team must choose a member to download the GooseChase app to a mobile device.
  • Teams find books, articles, identify services, and evaluate the exhibits.
  • Teams capture their answers and upload them via the GooseChase App.
  • The class regroups and answers lingering questions and the winner is announced.

About the App:

GooseChase works on just about any mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, even an iPod Touch). To participate, students download the free app in their Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Why should your class participate?

The scavenger hunt is a collaborative, team-based approach to exploring the library. This allows our students to feel comfortable using the library and its resources.

To Request a Scavenger Hunt for Your Class

Reshika Barfield